Our clients are important to us and we accomplish a lot together.

A professional concierge consultant meets the employee wherever they are on their path and is a wonderful investment and addition to your orgainization. We provide a unique and convenient on-site or virtual concierge consulting service in areas such as:

  • evidence-based trainings to motivate and engage employees
  • lifestyle consulting and coaching
  • building resiliency and improving communication and engagement
  • stress-management and work-life balance
  • better nutrition choices, fitness, and achieving overall better health
  • building a positive company culture and a community of health
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A great program is one that is tailored to meet not only health needs, but to provide better communications and social interfaces with the employees.

In turn, you will not only have a healthier workplace but employees who will aspire to utilize their new behaviors at home and in their community too.

With the increases in workloads of the past decades, the number of employees experiencing psychological problems related to occupational stress has increased rapidly in Western countries. At the societal level, costs are considerable in terms of absenteeism, loss of productivity, and healthcare consumption.
— The Benefits of Interventions for Work-Related Stress. Jac J.L. van der Klink, MD, MSc, Roland W.B. Blonk, PhD, Aart H Schene, PhD,MD, and Frank J.H. van Dijk, PhD,MD, American Journal Of Public Health, 2001