Margaret is the founder of the Aspire2 Group and is an instructor at Harvard Ed Portal, an Executive Trainer, a Registered Nurse, Certified Wellness Program Coordinator, Certified Wellness Coach, and Level 2 TriYoga Teacher with certificates in project management and worksite wellness evaluation.

For over two decades, she has been a visionary in the fields of health and wellness, bringing a unique and well-rounded perspective to the challenges faced by organizations and employees.

Margaret is acknowledged for her strategic and positive approach to developing innovative solutions that teach individuals how to shift cultures, build resiliency and engagement, and achieve a life built on purpose and wellbeing.

She is the author of: Transforming Workplace Wellness, and co-author of Inner Knowledge and Multi-Sensory Meditation CD.

We Aspire2 guide you to live the change you want to see. What do you Aspire2 do?

MARGARET STOCKLEY, photo by Tara Johnson @ AlchemyThree

Inclusion of wellness-promoting strategies must emphasize the pre-requisite for active job content and work-setting design in creating a robust organization. In this manner, the traditional paradigm of healthy work as that in which stress and harm are absent is expanded. Work system interventions can be crafted only from data-driven evidence of the safety, performance, and health consequences currently faced by workers in the contemporary work environment.
— Improving Performance and Quality of Working Life: A Model for Organizational Health Assessment in Emerging Enterprises. Chrstin Shoaf, Ash Genaldy, Waldemar Karowski, Samuel H Huang. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing. Vol 14 (1) 81-95 (2004)