Corporate Wellness Certification

The talented facilitators at provide innovative certification programs that integrate the latest research with tangible tools on how to build workplace cultures that engage, inspire healthy behavior, and promote lasting change.

The skills learned include:

  • Building a unique wellness plan and objectives
  • Creating and communicating a culture of wellness
  • PERMA model and Introduction to Behavioral Economics
  • Defining incentives and creating a benefits and incentive program
  • The connection between organizational goals and personal values
  • Designing evaluation methodologies and best practices
  • Measuring return on investment and value on investment
  • Designing and driving inclusive programs
  • Health and safety at work
  • Behavior change theories and the role of wellness coaching in engagement
  • Cultivating cross-partnership collaboration
  • Assessment models to expand the culture of wellness
  • Interpreting claims costs and applying incentives

POWCERT certification provides wellness program managers with the tools and resources to initiate innovative and engaging programs. Click HERE to learn more and sign up for the next training session.